M (snowym) wrote,

poor Saya -.-

So, Saya, one of the Japanese exchange students I tutor, seemed pretty troubled during our tutoring session today, so I asked her what was going on...

Apparently she's in a relationship with an American guy here on campus, whom all the exchange students has dubbed "The Asian Killer" (but she's the only Asian girl he's dated)... and now, a lot of the exchange students are gossiping about her, and laughing at her a lot for dating the supposed "Asian Killer." She's so upset by the whole situation, that she wants to go home as soon as possible (although she has to stick it out for this last month of school).

She said she wished she could be all genki like me (XD), but I told her that since she only has a month left with these people, she should say what she wanted. She nearly collapsed in the middle of the parking lot laughing when I instructed her to puff out her chest and shout FUZAKEN DA YO! at the next person that gossiped about her XD. And then she wanted me to teach her to say something really awful in English, so I taught her how to say FUCK YOU!

Yes, I am a horrible English tutor... but we were out of the tutoring building when we were talking about all this, so I think it's okay XD. I just hope she feels better now... We have a lot in common (we mooned over the new Plastic Tree single and PV for about 10 minutes before tutoring started XD), so I hate to see her so down -.-.

Oh well, the world's evil sometimes. MAN UP, EVERYONE! *shows her guns*
Tags: life, tutoring

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