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Airport Drive

There's nothing like a random adventure to appease the ill-at-rest soul, I suppose...

Dr. Brown asked me to pick up his son from school today (apparently his daughter was at home sick), so after that, I went to the post office... then I wanted to go to Wal-mart in Webb City, so I went off on what I thought was the correct road, and somehow ended up in an even-more-miniscule-than-Webb-City town, called Airport Drive XD.

Whilst driving through this little town I'd never been in before, I happened across a used bookstore that I remembered a few of my Creative Writing classmates talking about: Bob's Books. I decided to drop in, and was quite shocked o.O;. There was a bajillion books crammed into that little building. Before I started looking around, though, I bumped into the owner, Bob. He was so nice-- I think I talked to him for at least half an hour XD. I spent a long time poking around the book aisles too... there were amusing little signs hanging everywhere XD. In the Westerns section, there was a sign on a sale table that said "Look at these amazing $2 books! But don't start any gunplay over the same book!" So weird XD. Also, in the parking lot (which was a big gravel lot, basically), a sign was hanging near the front door that said "NO PARKING... except for Bob." So I guess that general area was his car's spot XD. I dunno, I was just amused. He definitely created his own little world in that book shop. I'll have to go back sometime.

Ooh, and at Bob's Books, I managed to get a copy of E.M. Forester's Maurice! I was excited ^o^. For some reason, I've had trouble finding it anywhere.

After running away from the world (and into the teeny arms of Airport Drive XD) for a little while, I feel better about slaving away on papers tonight ^_^. My heart was feeling heavy at the thought of working on stuff earlier today, but now I feel like I can bear with it for now. YOSH ^o^V!
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