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Airport Drive

There's nothing like a random adventure to appease the ill-at-rest soul, I suppose...

Dr. Brown asked me to pick up his son from school today (apparently his daughter was at home sick), so after that, I went to the post office... then I wanted to go to Wal-mart in Webb City, so I went off on what I thought was the correct road, and somehow ended up in an even-more-miniscule-than-Webb-City town, called Airport Drive XD.

Whilst driving through this little town I'd never been in before, I happened across a used bookstore that I remembered a few of my Creative Writing classmates talking about: Bob's Books. I decided to drop in, and was quite shocked o.O;. There was a bajillion books crammed into that little building. Before I started looking around, though, I bumped into the owner, Bob. He was so nice-- I think I talked to him for at least half an hour XD. I spent a long time poking around the book aisles too... there were amusing little signs hanging everywhere XD. In the Westerns section, there was a sign on a sale table that said "Look at these amazing $2 books! But don't start any gunplay over the same book!" So weird XD. Also, in the parking lot (which was a big gravel lot, basically), a sign was hanging near the front door that said "NO PARKING... except for Bob." So I guess that general area was his car's spot XD. I dunno, I was just amused. He definitely created his own little world in that book shop. I'll have to go back sometime.

Ooh, and at Bob's Books, I managed to get a copy of E.M. Forester's Maurice! I was excited ^o^. For some reason, I've had trouble finding it anywhere.

After running away from the world (and into the teeny arms of Airport Drive XD) for a little while, I feel better about slaving away on papers tonight ^_^. My heart was feeling heavy at the thought of working on stuff earlier today, but now I feel like I can bear with it for now. YOSH ^o^V!



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Apr. 17th, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
I did something pretty simillar, aside from the getting lost. I took out the family car (while dad was asleep XD) and drove into town to wander around the mall for no reason. I've been working all day on this assignment (where my topic is marital rape ><:) and it was getting me depressed and upset, so driving in and wandering and not thinking about it made me more willing to... work on it some more
Apr. 25th, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
I wanna go and spend a day wandering around, not lost but in Little Tokyo or something, so I can try out all the awesome food shops. *-*

But the little bookshop sounds so awesome. Makes me want to continue that prequel graaaaaaah. XD
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