M (snowym) wrote,

GEOS stage 2 passed! Yay!

Well, today I went through stages 1 and 2 (there are 3 overall) of the GEOS interview process.

It was a looooooong exhausting day (9:30am - 5:30pm) of questions and questions and presentations and informational lectures, but I'm still alive.

I was shocked when they invited me back after stage 1 (only one guy got booted after the first stage). Then after stage 2, they invited me back for the 3rd stage, tomorrow. I was VERY shocked, just because I kinda flubbed this group presentation thing, where I had to give a presentation with 2 other girls. But I guess they saw something in me that was worth considering to hire, so I'll just have to do my best tomorrow ^_^.

I have to make a 30-minute long lesson tonight (complete with props, like picture flash cards and such... I might not sleep tonight ^^; ). At least my hotel is only 15 minutes from the interviewing spot on foot, so I don't have to wake up hideously early to get there. Oh wait, by my standards 9:30am is hideously early by my standards. OH WELL, I'll cope.

Anyway, I really ought to get on creating that lesson for tomorrow, or else I'll have no hope ^_^;. WISH ME LUCK! I'll do my best!
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