M (snowym) wrote,

*flomps ovah*

Long story short, I got a call this morning from GEOS, and they decided to hire me.


After I hung up from the call, I plonked down on the couch and started crying... Noa walked in, and asked me what was wrong, and all I could say was "They hired me... I... I WORKED SO HARD. I WORKED SO HARD." XDD, so weird. I think for a moment, all the stress that I'd acquired during the interviewing process washed out of me, and I couldn't control myself.

So anyway, yay, I now have a job lined up, where I get to go teach English in Japan! Who knew my wishes for such a job would come true... certainly not me XD.

Before I go to Japan, I'll get to get another little stamp in my passport, because I'll have to go to Vancouver, Canada for training for 4 days before I go (there's more training in Japan too, I'm told). But yeah, now I have to figure out how to get a hotel and whatever in Canada too? GEOS, why must you make me work out so much stuff before I go? *wilts* I know nothing about Canada, so that'll be another mini-adventure in this whole situation I've willingly jumped into XD.

ANYWAY, I have a job now. Woohoo! These years of college have not all been for naught, so that's exciting ^o^.


NOTE: I'm graduating college this Saturday! Holy crap, how am I going to get everything done before this Thursday??? *explodes* Oh well, I'll get it done some how ^^;;;. FOR NOW, I want to sleep. I'll work some more on all this crap tomorrow. *flomps ovah into a dead sleep*
Tags: life, school, work
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