M (snowym) wrote,

Gokusen 3 screencaps

disutansu made fun of me, because I fangirled so late about this drama, but...

I was impressed with the fact that all the boys were already so pretty... but hitting them with a bat increased their prettiness?

Oh Miura Haruma <3... I've been watching Binbo Danshi, where he's a clean-cut shy boy, so it was much fun to see him all super punk, with dyed hair and bruises and A TOUGH DEMEANOR.

Yay for raburabu moments! I always think these 2 are either going to kiss, or punch one another in the face... so far, they've only punched each other, but I'm not losing hope that they'll kiss yet!

Confused henchmen love scenario #1...

Confused henchmen love scenario #2...

Group love <3! I wonder if they'll ever all get along in the show so well... Oh well, once the credits roll, they're all lounging about happily in a field together, so I'll accept this happy credit land ^_^.

Anyway, yes, everyone should watch it! Masei and Kujirai are in it too! I'll have to post sexy screencaps of them later XD.
Tags: gokusen 3, jdrama, screencaps, zany findings
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