M (snowym) wrote,

*collapses* Shopping is exhausting

This weekend, me and my mother went to visit family about 6 hours north. Since it was memorial day weekend, though, and there were so many sales going on, we went shopping for a new work wardrobe for me.

Seriously, I had hardly any clothes that fit into GEOS's work dress code, so I basically had to acquire a whole new wardrobe. Suits, dress pants, skirts, collared-shirts, etc.etc.... I'm so lucky my mother bought 99% of it for me. I would've given up shopping for all this stuff relatively quickly, had she not been helping me, so I was glad she was there yanking more shirts off the racks for me to try on, even though it got wearisome after awhile. I overheard her saying to my aunt that shopping for me was her way of distracting herself from / calming herself down about the fact that I'm going to Japan soon.

Overall, I bet I spent at least 12 hours traipsing through stores for clothes this weekend. NEW RECORD, I do believe! *flomps over* I think I might need one more pair of shoes or something, but not really anything else. That's one less big thing to worry about.
Tags: shopping, work

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