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I just beat one of the cutest games on earth ^^. Katamari Damacy is great! The purpose-- to roll a sticky ball around, picking up everything. Just the kind of mind-numbing entertainment I needed before I go back to school in two days. I cannot wait to go back ^^. I have my new resolution in place, so I know everything will be that much better. I haven't been this excited about anything for awhile o.O;. *hops around* Plus, I can't wait to break in the new roommates, hah ^^. I wonder if they'll hate me and Noa. Or... maybe they'll like us o.O;. They're just going to have to deal with the decor, whether they like it or not, though. A lot of mine and Noa's art is hanging on just about every available wall space. Tra-lala-lala! I need to go do something. Since it is raining outside, I think I shall play DDR. When was the last time I've been hyper, this is starting to creep me out o.O;. Ciao! *skips away*

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