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My teeth are made of fail

I stayed the weekend at Rebecca's house in KC to spend time with her, because earlier this week it was her birthday... AND THAT WAS FUN. I'll post about it later, when I'm not so upset.

I was brushing my teeth in her bathroom last night, and omg what did I glimpse? A cavity. A gigantic cavity in my second-to-last back molar on the left-top side -.o;. I ran to grab a little mirror I had in my bag, and wedged it into my mouth for a better look, and... THERE ARE TWO GIGANTIC CAVITIES. THERE IS ANOTHER ONE ON THE CORRESPONDING TOOTH ON THE OTHER-TOP SIDE. Huge and black. Omg. Then I realized... that's where the little bars of my retainer sits when I wear it.

I thought I was doing everything right with that damn retainer, but it seems the little bars have been knocking away all my enamel or something. How did I not notice until now -.-. I seriously cannot get a break with my teeth, ooh I hate teeth -.o;;;. I'm quite close to getting a hammer and knocking all mine out. The only cavities I've ever had have occurred because of my braces/retainer.

cavity #1

cavity #2
Yes, I shoved a camera in my mouth. Leave me alone ^^;;.

Anyway, I'm going to call the dentist office tomorrow to see when the soonest I can get an appointment is. It looks horrendous, but hopefully it can be taken care of without too much horror. IhateteethIhateteethIhateteeth.Especiallymine.

OH WELL, I'll be okay. I just seriously hate going to all types of doctors, so I may not be able to sleep until I actually go into the dentist days from now. I'll be too busy late at night dreaming up horrors that a dentist + cavity drill will commit in my mouth. *flomps over sadly*
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