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new computer, yay ^o^

This is my first LJ post on my new computer! Yay!

This is the second computer I've ever picked out and purchased myself, and the first computer I bought without any outward help (*coughparentscough*). I don't know my new computer's name yet, but I'm sure it will be revealed in time. I already spent several hours importing documents from Hiro-kun (my previous computer, an eMac), installing bug updates, downloading programs I can't live without (VLC, realplayer, etc), and so on.

I feel a little sad going to a new computer, because Hiro-kun has been good to me, but my parents are adopting him. They'll probably punish him less with downloads, so that's good XD. Plus he can still talk to me when I e-mail my parents. OH HIRO-KUN, THANK YOU FOR THE 4 1/2 YEARS OF LOYAL SERVICE <3.

It'll be fun figuring out all the new things and functions on this computer, so hopefully it'll be a joyous relationship. No meltdowns, okayz computer? *pets*
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