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If anyone's still on the fence about watching Gokusen 3... I have more screencaps XD.

I know I ought to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Gokusen... but I'm enjoying season 3 so much, that I'll probably finish watching it first XD;.

There were some truly epic moments in episode 7 <3...

It's moments like these when I know I love Kujirai is a truly great actor XD. You can tell Masei is in awe of his skillz. Oh, and did anyone else notice that Kujirai had like 50 billion lines in this episode <3 <3 <3??? Okay, more like 10 lines, but that's 9 more than he's had in the whole drama put together up until this point! I was so proud of him XD.

And speaking of being proud, Masei only had one line in the whole episode... but he was the one saying what's on the subtitle in this screen cap XDDD. I'LL WAIT FOR YOU MASEI <3!

In this episode, class 3-D decided to open their own Ikemen Cafe (Hottie Cafe XDD) for their school fair... sadly, our favorite 6 boys met an untimely rape by overexcited middle-aged women, when passing out flyers with the Ikemen Cafe's info. Poor boys. They look pretty with their clothes disheveled, though <3.

There were some awesome fight moments in this episode... elbows to faces... blood and blood and more blood... but the best fight moment definitely goes to Kura, when he tried to bite this guy's arm off XD. I had to rewind it, because REALLY? HE BIT HIM? Anything goes in the dangerous pretty-boy-fight-land.

Oh Masei and Kujirai <3... two servings of fruit is right!

And the best moment of the whole episode? Yup, it's Honjo's flying chair kick XD. It deserved to be immortalized in a forever looping gif <3.
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