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Function Damage

I just wanted to declare that the other day, I had my first expresso shot! Holy crap, it tasted horrible o.O;. But I was buzzing around for hours after that, so it was well worth it tasting like garbage. It tasted almost as if I were drinking polluted air... I don't know quite how to describe it ^^. That was a hyperness I had not seen for quite awhile though, from such a tiny cup o.O;.

As me, Stallion, and Noa drank up our expresso shots, we played BS. Stallion and I wanted to make it so that Noa couldn't BS us though, so we decided to rename the game "fuck-shit-damn-bitch," just because we didn't think she'd say it. She thought I had said "function damage" though, so the evil plan was ruined. Although for us, the game will forever be called funtion damage ^^. Ah, misunderstandings always make for ko~ooky adventures. Also, the game "idiot" was renamed "freaky naughty" for reasons that I shall keep unnamed (we watched the movie Dodgeball ^^). Yay, memory recorded. I shant forget. If I reread this in twenty years, I want to be able to call up Stallion and Noa, and be able to shout "Function Damage!" into the phone, and hang up. Just because it is fun ^^.
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