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neeeeed customeeeeers + yay for mannequins <3


I've been at work for over two hours, and I've had 1 customer the whole time. I might lose my mind, being cooped up in this little kiosk for 7 hours alone... it's sad that I'm craving awkward customer/worker conversation right now XD.


And also, how did I not stumble across the awesomeness of cosmic_kath's PoT mannequin adventures before??? Everyone who hasn't seen it needs to go look at atobemannequin, luckymannequin, and sanadamannequin right now. And since I'm weird, I have no qualms with saying that the Atobe mannequin is gorgeous <3 <3 <3. The Sengoku one too... but the Sanada mannequin freaks me out a bit XD. Anyway, go look!

Am I really so out of the loop as to not have heard about this >.>;?
Tags: lol, prince of tennis, work
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