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Gokusen 3 - ep 8 BRILLIANT FINDINGS!

Once again, I'm posting a few screencaps/gifs of Gokusen 3. I'm enjoying this show way entirely too much XD.

Masei was DEFINITELY channeling Phoenix Wright during this moment XD.

HEY MASEI, do you kiss your momma' with that 'tude?? Poor boy, being so unhappy with not being able to go on a group date... maybe next time, Masei XD. OR MAYBE NOT, what with his poor attitude.

THAT IS THE SADDEST FACE EHVAR, KUJIRAI. It's almost like someone told him he could never wear his Blue's Clues shirt again ;-;.

I'll be damned if this isn't the cutest thing I've seen in a long time ^o^. Kawaaaa~iiiii <3. I doubted Kura's and Kamiya's henchman-ai for most of the show, but then they go and do something like this... I am indeed a squeebly puddle of fangirl henchman-ai goo XD.

Masei is channeling Inui hardcore here, y/y? He's even got a tennis ball! Okay, I guess it could be an apple or something, but surely he's feeling his past life Inui vibes here, right?

And then, finally... I could not help but post this pic from the preview for episode 9 XD. MASEI IS POSSESSED BY THE GHOST OF INUI! I'd watch that <3.
Tags: gokusen 3, jdrama, screencaps, zany findings
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