M (snowym) wrote,

4th of July <3

Urk, I think I just inhaled enough smoke to kill a horse XD;. *was coughing and hacking outside*

OH WELL, IT WAS FUN! I had fun with all my little dinky fireworks ^o^. I bought like a bajillion sparklers, so that was the best <3. I also got really good at lighting things with the punk and then RUNNING AWAY! I only almost got exploded once, when the fuse burnt up really fast on a crackler, and I wasn't far enough away XD;.

I think all my neighbors are competing with each other for the best fireworks, because there are about 5 or 6 really amazing firework shows going on in every direction around my house ^o^. What's the point of paying a ton, when you can just watch them for free XD;? *throws her snappers on the ground while 10 huge fireworks go off in the sky <3*

Everyone else have fun blowing things up ^o^?
Tags: life

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