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selling and donating and moving

Sweet. I just sold an old PS one game I bought for $25 years ago to someone on amazon.com for $50 ^o^. That hardly ever happens where a game is worth more than it used to be.

Note to self: try to sell doujinshi again! I've sold quite a few, but I still have a ton in that box under my bed ^^;;;.

Ahh, preparing to move is stressful. I'm selling/donating %50 of my worldly possessions, I bet ^^;;;. Mostly donating XD. I can't take it all with me to Japan, though, and I don't want to treat my parents' house like a storage shed. I will leave a few things that I can't give up and can't take at their house, but most everything else is being dropped off at the local hope center in boxes XD;.

*feels lighter and lighter from this world with every trip to the hope center to dump things off*
Tags: life, moving

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