M (snowym) wrote,

ooooooooooooow ow

Oh my gooood, my feet are absolutely throbbing... today at work SUCKED. Training a new worker + having 5 zillion customers was not a good combination ;-;. *mourns for her feet and her head, which is pounding*

I kinda feel like someone pinned me down and just punched me in the face for an hour or two -.o;... I don't think I'll be getting up for awhile XD;.


Yaay, I just got a call from Noa, and she's going to come spend the night tonight (also, I'm happy because I just took some extra strength Tylenol XD) ^o^! I think we'll probably have a Binbo Danshi-watching party XD. I'm game, as long as I don't have to use my feet for awhile ^^;. 1 bad day at Camille's as deteriorated me into an 80 year old lady XD;.
Tags: work

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