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Akihabara@DEEP showdown! Who's the better Box-kun?

I know I watch an unhealthy amount of dramas and movies, when I notice things like this ^^;...

In the drama Maou (everyone watch it, it's super cool and DeathNote-like ^o^), one of the main characters (Ikuta Toma) and a support character (Oshinari Shugo) both played the character Box-kun in the drama/movie-versions of Akihabara@DEEP. I flailed so hard when I saw them together in the same shot XD. In a perfect universe there would definitely be multiple Boxs, so I can't help but think the world is teetering at least a bit toward a utopian society <3. I have a feeling Oshinari Shugo is going to bite dust before the end of Maou though, and things will be not-so great again >.>;... but just let me cherish this doubly-Box world while it lasts!
Tags: akihabara@deep, maou, screencaps, zany findings

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