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Poptarts, Photoshop, and Paranoia

I had fun messing around with Photoshop a bit in the computer lab last Friday. I shall get Photoshop for my iMac someday, but it is so damn expensive -.-;. I can at least get a trial version for now. I forsee my future as a graphic artist being insanely expensive. Curses! Evil computer companies squeezing all the money they can out of customers. Oh well, since I can't see into the future, I'll just have to wing it ^^. Here's some icons I made while bored:

Oh yeah. Shinya Terachi icons, with Donnie Darko quotes no less!

Stallion and I had "Krystal (ahh, her real name o.O;) and Emily's Night of Complete and Total Fun" on Friday night. It was pretty darn entertaining too ^^. We went to the mall and wandered around aimlessly for quite awhile (and scoped out the DDR players, always the highlight of our trip ^^;). Then we rented season 3 of South Park from Blockbuster, and watched and watched until our eyes became bleary, and Stallion's contacts were about to dry to her eyes. Interspersed with South Park watching we: 1) Heard someone walking around in my ceiling; 2) Found out that someone in my ceiling was a mouse or a rabid squirrel; and 3) Went to IHOP at midnight, because rodents in my ceiling made us incredibly paranoid. I haven't heard any mousey activity since, but I have no doubt that they are sitting in my vents, waiting, biding their time until their inevitible attack.

Yay, my parents bought me Poptarts, the food of the gods ^^! I can rest peacefully now.

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