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Last night I had super happy fun, since I got to webcam with Stallion for awhile on Skype ^___^. STALLION, I MISS YOU SO HARDCORE! We should webcam again, so I can see short watermelon shorts and neurotic prowling cats once again <3.

But today's just been kinda... yeah -.o;. I wake up this morning, and within 2 minutes of being awake, I'm screaming in terror because Dexter dragged in a dead bird and lay it oh-so aesthetically in the middle of the carpet of the back room. I was not ready to see that. Last time Dexter brought in a dead bird, my mom freaking gave him a DOGGY TREAT, so I'm not so surprised he's done it again... I yelled at him, and then cowered in the living room until my dad came home to remove the bird. *shivers at thinking about it again*

Other than the bird thing, everyone's just been picking on meee~e... and by everyone, I mean my parents. *sigh* I can't do much of anything right, it seems. *siiiiiiigh* Oh well, such things come in cycles. Hopefully they'll be nicer tomorrow ^^;... *feels all defensive around everyone lately*
Tags: fail, life

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