M (snowym) wrote,

Farewell for now, my soul mate. I love you still <3

*sniff sniffle*

It's official. Shinya, my french horn companion, doesn't belong to me anymore. He hath officially been sold on Ebay for $2,525.

It was really difficult selling my french horn, because I've accomplished some musical feats I'm quite proud of with him, but I have to... if I don't sell Shinya, he'll just sit in my closet, because I can't take him with me to Japan -.-. I'd rather him go somewhere where he can sing prettily again <3.

So yes, I've given up my ownership Shinya, but we'll definitely always be musical soul mates <3. I'll never forget him. I HOPE YOU'LL BE HAPPY IN YOUR NEW HOME, SHINYA! *will see him off at the post office in a few days*

Yes, I DO get really attached to inanimate objects. What of it ^^;? *loves on pretty, pretty Shinya*

At least through this saddening process, my airplane tickets have been paid for. The money I'm getting for Shinya more than pays for the plane tickets, so that's quite a bit of stress off my shoulders ^^;.
Tags: life, music
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