M (snowym) wrote,

Oh yeah, yesterday and today were mucho fun ^^. Me, Noa, Stallion, and Lebecca went up to see a concert last night. At the last moment, the manager of the club decided minors couldn't get in, so we had no idea where to go o.O;. I ended up calling my brother, and we watched some Adult Swim at his friend's dorm. MechaShiva, MechaShiva ^^! After an hour or so, we did head back. Me and Stallion went to my parent's house. We proceeded to drink grape soda and watch Napoleon Dynamite (again). When we woke up at 11am the next day o.O;, we watched Aladdin and went out to pizza with my brother and fajah. Stallion was the replacement mother, since my mom was too ill to come with us ^^;. And theeeeen~ after more dilly-dallying, we came back to college. We hit up Fazzoli's and Braum's for food, and then after deciding we had procrasted homework long enough, came back to the dorms.

MechaShiva, MechaShiva!!!

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