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lesson planning

After putting it off for a stupidly long time, today I finally started the lesson planning section of a "correspondence package" with GEOS.

These correspondence packages are basically homework, and I've had all the grammar sections done for a long time... but I put off the lesson planning until a week before it's due XD;. OMG, I'M HAVING SUCH TROUBLE FORCING MYSELF TO FINISH THIS. *sigh sigh sigh* I'm so lazy when it comes to things that have an air of homework about them, sheesh.

So anyway, this needs to be turned in on August 10th... and I have 1 out of 7 lessons planned (it took about 2 hours to finish one today). Only 6 more to go! *sigh sigh sigh*

I can do at least one a day, come on M! *cheers self on XD;*



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Aug. 4th, 2008 05:02 am (UTC)
i did exactly the same thing >>

just as a heads up: i have to write something like 3 lesson plans a day now... i'm hoping that i'll eventually get ahead... and i will write about stuff eventually. i just don't have the energy atm ^.^;;; gomen!

Aug. 4th, 2008 12:09 pm (UTC)
Ahh, how are you doing ^o^? Well, I mean, I guess you're tired XD;... but, you're in Japan now, right ^o^? I'll send you some energy vibes, so hopefully you can draw on my strength if need be!

And woow, 3 lesson plans a day, that's the training in Japan, right?... do you have anything to go off of, like some text book pages or something? Oh well, we have to do it anyway regardless XD;.

I hope you get ahead in your lesson planning, and get some more energy! I bet I'll have zero energy at that point too, though XD;. GEOS just wants to make us tired, I think.
Aug. 4th, 2008 12:24 pm (UTC)
lol! thanks, but i think you'll need your strength for yourself. the training isn't too bad really, especially if you have everything ready for that one lesson you have to do. you do that lesson on the second day, then you get assigned the second lesson (including the textbook pages that go with it) to do for the third day. you do both lessons in front of a real student (in case you didn't know that yet). the textbooks are really quite good. for the higher level classes (aka most of the active classes) i can teach almost directly from the book. sprint classes take a little more planning, but you can pretty much go from the textbook there too. something i found out when i arrived here: after training, you pretty much drop most of the structure except for the whole 3Ps thing. an awful lot of the lessons don't fit into the whole A/B1/B2 structure, so if it doesn't seem to fit, don't try to make it. (we found that out on the third day when one girl tried to put different ways of reacting to good news, bad news and surprising news into the A/B structure. Tomoko told her she should have done something more like what the textbook said instead.

i haven't had any training since coming to japan. basically my old teacher had already gone onto his new school and came back for two days to show me (quickly) how to teach the classes and do the paperwork. first day he taught all the classes and pulled me in a bit. second day he taught half of the classes and i taught the other half, after that he was gone and it was all me. so... 3 lesson plans a day/night is just normal atm. i get up at like... 5am, which didn't feel so bad at first with the time change... and even now i go to bed at around midnight and get up around 5-6am lol. it's good though, because then i have time to do those lessons without having to try to do it while dead after being at work for 9 hours ^.^;

and i'm pretty sure i agree. GEOS wants to make us incredibly tired XD but after a couple of weeks i think i'll get the hang of it... maybe XP

Aug. 4th, 2008 03:34 pm (UTC)
I think I'll be okay for the lesson at Vancouver training... I taught a Sprint 7 at the job interview, and I'm assigned to teach a Sprint 6 at training... hopefully it won't be too much different to prepare XD;.

It was SO WEIRD at the job interview, teaching my lesson to one of the other people interviewing, so maybe I'll feel more comfortable at training when I have to teach a lesson to a real student XDD.

And aww, I was getting pretty good at identifying the A/B1/B2 target, so too bad that that doesn't fit into most of the lessons -.o;. Oh well, I assume they'll train better ways to teach then ^^;.

WOW, YOU'RE AMAZING! Are you getting along well with teaching your classes o.o? Only 3 days, and you're off and running with your classes ^o^! I hope I do okay... I'm getting really good at panicking lately ^^;;;. *might have a mental breakdown before going to Japan*

I remember last time I went to Japan, I would go to sleep at 7pm (as soon as the sun went down I couldn't stay awake any longer XD), and then wake up at around 3-4am. That's probably a good schedule for teaching though, because you're right, having to prepare lessons after a full day's work would be miserable >.>;.

So, you got the internet set up in your apartment ^_^?
Aug. 5th, 2008 07:29 pm (UTC)
Oh dear O_O Sounds like a lot of planning!! -wibbles-
Really though, i understand why ANYONE would want to
procrastinate on those things lolol xD;; but...

がんばっれ Mちゃん!♥

Aug. 8th, 2008 03:26 am (UTC)
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