M (snowym) wrote,

seeing brother + megane appointment + GEOS + work

Okay, so that one post about it possibly being the last time I see my brother before going to Japan...

Haha, I guess I'll get to see him tomorrow XD;. My mom has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we'll whisk Denton away with us to my favorite Italian place (J.Parino's, yummy <3). Apparently my mom took the liberty of getting me an eye appointment also, so I'll get some new glasses and possibly a prescription adjustment. Not like I had much of a prescription-- I just use them on the computer/reading, because my eyes get strained easily at the end of the day.

Soooooooooooo tired... I'm ready to keel over. I feel like I've been working on stuff for GEOS forever, but haven't put much of a dent in it >.>;... 2 out of 7 lessons done... 5 moar to do before August 10th. CAN'T I SLEEP INSTEAD? FROM NOW UNTIL NEXT FEBRUARY? I feel like I could at the moment ^^;. *collapses*

Yesterday at work was godawful, but I did make $15 in tips... work today was okay, and I made $2.50... I guess it all evens out XD;. I'm glad it wasn't busy today though, because my shoulders and legs are still super achey from yesterday... 3 1/2 hour rushes are not my favorite, when I'm the only one holding down the Camille's fort. Maybe I should get a chiropractor's appointment before going to Japan too, hmm...

Noworktomorrow, alldaytoworkonGEOSstuffs... woo! *slinks off tiredly to bed* Oyasumi ^o^!
Tags: doctor time, family, geos, work

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