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*just stabs her eyes out instead* There! So much easier!

I went to the optometrist today... yeah, that was a frustrating experience -.o;.

I got an appointment for an eye exam at this place that gave you a free eye exam + 2 glasses frames + 2 sets of lens for $69 (which WOULD have been a great deal, but...)... but the doctor didn't come in today -.o;? I called around to different Wal-marts though, and managed to get an appointment for an eye exam at one of their Vision Centers.

Wal-mart's eye exam was really good, actually. AND OOH, OOH, I GOT TO WEAR AN EYE PATCH DURING ONE OF THE TESTS <3 <3 <3... but yeah, this doctor took a lot more care to peg the right prescription than other doctors have for me in the past. When I showed him my current glasses I use for reading/computering, he asked me who prescribed them to me. When I told him, he pulled this interesting face, and said no wonder my prescription was so off XD;. Apparently I have astigmatism in one eye, and my left eye is stronger than the right eye... I've never had been told that, but it makes sense, since I get really awful headaches when I use my eyes for overly detail-oriented tasks.

The Wal-mart exam was fine, but it cost $40, which was $40 more than I would have spent at the original eye glasses place. I went back there though, because getting 2 glasses + 2 sets of lens for $69 is apparently a stupidly good deal. I asked the sales lady where the glasses to pick from for the special was, and she's like "Oh, this whole wall!" *gestures toward 2 shelves*

After much MUCH agonizing, I pick out what I deemed to be the perfect 2 pairs... and then THE CATCH. The sales lady says "Oh, and before we move along, you should know that the glasses you picked out will cost $200 total. This sticker here means you have to get the premium special reinforced-blahblah lens." What happened to THE WHOLE WALL being $69? Wtf, sales lady. She thought she totally had me, since I spent FOREVER picking those pairs out, but eff her. I should have walked out, but instead I picked out 2 more sets WITHOUT the damn stickers on them.

It was just frustrating -.o;. Driving all over town and being deceived by sales ladies... at least I got the place where I bought my glasses to give me a discount, since I had to pay for an eye exam elsewhere XD;. 2 pairs of glasses for $50, not bad XD;.

Does anyone else have as shitty a time with eye-oriented things? I don't want to go shopping for eye glasses again for a very long time -.o;.
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