M (snowym) wrote,

*pop pop pop*

I went to the chiropractor today... good thing, too XD;.

She was pretty impressed at how messed up my knees/back/shoulders/arms were >.>;. And I don't know how I didn't notice, but my wrist has been swelling up really bad. I mean, I knew my wrist hurt pretty bad, but didn't realize it had reached balloon status. Apparently one of the bones was shoved a lot farther forward than the other one on my right wrist, so she popped it back into place and told me to take it easy at work XD;. *has been icing it for a few hours*

Anyway, I'm glad I got all that sorted out before going to Japan. It'd be miserable to lurch around XD;.

As far as I can tell, unless something awful happens, all my doctors appointments before going to Japan are finished! Yay ^o^! The only other appointment I have is getting my hair cut... and omg, I really need to get my hair cut XD;. It's very Cousin It right now ^^;. *can't see anything*
Tags: doctor time
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