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Noa's job + GEOS

Last night was really exciting...

NOA-CHAN GOT A JOB ;-;!!! *celebrates tearfully* She's been trying so hard to get a job teaching English in Japan, and she finally wrangled one in. This was something we both wanted to do, and I felt really bad that I was going to go over there and leave her here, but now she's going to actually be in Japan before me XD;;;. She'll go over on August 26th, and I'll get there on August 29th. Funny how things work out XD. She was doing an interview on Skype with a company called Heart School, and apparently she was offered a job at the end of the interview. I'm so proud of her ;-;. *proud-senpai sniffle*

Also, this morning I finished up my final GEOS correspondence package, so I'm really happy to be done with that <3. I still need to make some props for my lesson (flash cards, worksheets, etc.), but I just need to have that ready and shoved somewhere in my suitcase before I leave for Vancouver.

EVERYTHING'S WORKING OUT. For now, anyway XD. *slinks off to watch more Olympics <3*
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