M (snowym) wrote,

M & Dexter + makeup + end of Camilles!M

Lol, Dexter is SO ignoring me XD;. He hates technology, so I can never get him to look in a camera.

As for the makeup appointment, I'm all geared up now. I bought some mineral powder foundation stuff? And cleanser... umm, correction liquid too, in case a bear attacks me, and I have some gashes I need to cover up. Or a zit, whatever. I'll probably start wearing it to work, so I can practice using it... I don't think GEOS would appreciate it if I came to work painted up like a clown XD;.

2 more days of work at Camille's! Thursday is my last day... yaaaay ^o^. It wasn't my worst job, but I'm ready to be done with it XD;. The barista work is fun, but that's only 25% of what I do there... Oh well, ALMOST DONE <3!
Tags: watashi, work

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