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cleaning + Long Love Letter + Rebecca's visiting tomorrow

Today... I've cleaned and cleaned and watched jdramas and watched jdramas... and cleaned some more.

I've got a pretty outrageous pile of things to donate built up once again, and I filled and emptied the trash can in my room three times ^^;;;... and there's still tons more to do. HOW DOES ONE HUMAN BUILD UP SO MANY BELONGINGS? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Plus I'm all stupidly sentimental during the whole process, because I keep on coming across old letters and essays and poems that I'd long forgotten about... I even found an essay that I wrote my junior year of high school, saying that I was DEFINITELY going to go live in Japan XD. That "that's what my heart tells me to do" XD. At least I got that much right, and my younger self can be proud of me for achieving that ^^;.

The jdrama I've officially OD'ed on today is Long Love Letter. I'd never heard of it before, but the romance/sci-fi genre piqued my interest... and yeah, I watched 6 episodes of it already today XD;. Whoops. I don't usually go for the boy-meets-girl type romances (*yawn*), but this one is crazy awesome <3. Maybe I'm just biased though, because it has Kubozuka Yosuke in it (AND Yamashita Tomohisa, AND Yamada Takayuki <3 <3 <3). But it really is interesting... I encourage everyone to check it out, if you're floundering around, looking for another drama to watch ^_^.


Tomorrow Rebecca's coming to visit (she's staying until Wednesday morning, I think), so that should be fun ^^. I haven't seen her since last semester let out. I don't know what we'll do yet, but at least I'll have a reason to get out of the house when she's here. I feel like a shut-in lately ^^;.
Tags: jdrama, life, rebecca

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