M (snowym) wrote,

Ah o.O;. Last night I accidently dropped my mirror on the ground. Poor cat mirror, rest in pieces. Hmm... I shall have to see if my bad luck increases, or if it just stays steadily at its impossibly high rate.

Went to Books-a-Million and read manga for a few hours. Legal Drug and Alice 19th are awesome mangas ^^. I'll definitely be back there to read some more. My wallet is crying out in pain because of overuse, so they'll just have to stay on the bookshelves there. I'm out of room on my bookshelf in my dorm anyway o.O;. It is piled up with Dave Barry, Harry Potter, Fake, Gravitation, and the Hitchhiker's trilogy, plus all of Noa's books.

Note to self: next year, purchase bigger bookshelf.
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