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Sooooooooooooooo streeeeeeessed... PACKING IS THE WORST. Jeebus. I don't know how I'm going to get all these things into my suitcases ;-;... or how I'm gonna carry the suitcases once they're packed... probably with agony ^^;.

I dragged out the suitcases that I bought BRAND NEW a couple months ago, aaaand... the zippers is broken on one of them -.o;. Thank god I had 60 days to take it back... tomorrow's the 60th day XD. Luck~y. I needed to pick up my new glasses anyway, so me and my mom will make a day out of it.


Rebecca left yesterday... Noa came and stayed the night too, so it was like staying in the college dorms again XD. On Monday we all went to Springfield to go shopping at the mall. I didnt' buy anything, though, because I'm SO weary of spending money at this point XD;. It was a lot of fun, though... we also watched lots of Project Runway on Bravo. It was like old times at college, where we pile around the TV and argue about which outfits are the best XD.

When Rebecca left, we had quite the teary goodbye, but she's coming to Japan in 6 months. She'll be going to Gakushuin Women's College, where I studied a couple years ago, so that's cool ^_^. I wonder if she'll be as tortured as I was with all the homework XD;.


I finished watching the jdrama series Long Love Letter last night... I totally cried my face off XD;. I don't think I've cried so much during a drama before... IT WAS AWESOME! The ending was amazing <3. I'm totally gonna start recycling now, or something XD;.


I guess it's time to go back to packing now... meh -.o;. I thought packing was bad every time I've moved before, but this is 100 times more stressful than all those times, I think -.o;;;. It's not just the packing that's stressful, but I think I'm transferring all my anger at this action for the moment XD;.

NOTHING TO IT BUT TO DO IT, I suppose... *trudges away*
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