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Noa is gone + I'm a mess once again

So Noa-chan just left my house, and I'm crying...

...it's silly, because at most it'll only be a month or two until I see her again, but my heart breaks without my Noa-chan around ;-;.

We're both going out to achieve our dreams, so I have to work really hard, even if I miss my friends! I have to impress everyone, or else I won't have anything to smile and talk about when I see everyone again...

I feel like I'm marching out to do this all on my own, though, which terrifies me... I know everyone's cheering me on, but it's up to me 100% to make this work...

AHH, OMG, I'M GOING TO TRY SO HARD! Everyone continue to cheer me on, please!

*sobs a little bit more*
Tags: fail, life, noa
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