M (snowym) wrote,

Tonight's my last night in Missouri for a long, long time... even though I've complained so much about this state, I still feel a bit of a pang at this farewell XD;...

I got to see my brother today, which really was the last time I'll see him before I leave for Japan. Me and him and my mom ate lunch together, which was fun ^_^. I'm gonna miss him so much, but yeah... I'll be okay. I don't think my mom noticed that I had tears gushing down my cheeks when we split up from him, so that's good ^^;. SAYING GOODBYE IS SO HARD, even if only for a year.

After getting back from Springfield, to hang out with Denton, I packed... well, my mom helped me. We packed and packed and packed and packed, and finally... we finished a few hours ago ^^;;;;;. It is SO stressful and agonizing to pick things to pack... we ended up dragging all my bags into the living room, as well as all the things I WANTED to pack (everything else was banned from the room XD). I didn't get to bring everything I wanted, but through an intricate use of space saver bags (the kind where you vacuum the air out), I managed to pack quite a bit ^_^. DONE PACKING, YAY! Packing is the worst -.o;.

I also got to see Noa again today-- she just left a few minutes ago XD;. After my cry-fest yesterday, she accidentally left her computer charging cord here, so she had to come pick it up. Instead of being sad, we just watched the olympics and made pervy comments about all the divers XDD. THAT'S what I call typical Noa and M fun XD.

Tomorrow morning, me and my parents will drive to Texas, where I will fly out from to Vancouver on the next day. I've about made my self sick with worrying, but now I've worried so much, that I don't think I can worry too much more XD;. I just need to go with this whole thing, and stop psyching myself out ^^;.

Now to make some worksheets for my GEOS lesson, which I will teach during training, and then off to bed... oh my god, I'm so sleep deprived at this point ^^;. Maybe I'll have time to sleep some when I get to Texas tomorrow, so I'm not 100% crazy when I get to Vancouver XD.

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