M (snowym) wrote,

In Texas, yay!

I'm in Dallas, Texas right now... just arrived at the hotel ^_^ (oh yeah, Super 8 baby). Chilling with my parents XD.

I said goodbye to Dexter this morning... AHH, HE'S THE CUTEST DOGGY EVER <3 <3 <3. I totally almost cried ^^;;;. Then I said goodbye to Mount Vernon... then I said goodbye to Missouri... it's so weird leaving for so long XD.

Anyway, yeah, I'm safe ^_^. Chilling out in my air conditioned room... it's over 100 F outside -.o;. Tomorrow morning (at 6:50am @_@; ) I'll get on a shuttle to the airport, and fly out to Vancouver at 10:50am. THE ADVENTURE IS STARTING! Or something XD;.

*puts all the numbers from her cellphone into Skype*
Tags: traveling
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