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whine whine blah whine

I arrived in Vancouver, Canada today!

Although... it hasn't really been the best experience so far ^^;. The airport was HORRIBLE. I hate hate hate airports, god.

On the plane ride over, it was a very sardines-in-a-tin experience, although the people who sat next to me were nice. They were this sweet old couple who have traveled all over the world... I didn't really talk to them until halfway through the flight, when the lady suddenly turned to me and said "My dog is such a spoiled girl! I miss her, though..." (weird, I know XD; ), and I just happened to have a picture of Dexter in my purse (because that's where I stashed all my photos I want to hang up in my apartment), so I showed Dexter to her... after that, we talked for the last 2 hours of the flight XD;. She was telling me all about Japan when she visited 20 years ago, and I told her what it was like 2 years ago when I went XD;. That was fun.

But I did get motion sickness on the plane again... I bought some dramamine, but when it came time for the flight, I couldn't find it -.o;. So I just felt ill the whole time. And after I was weakened by the airplane flight, I had wait in line for about an hour, to have my passport looked at... Then when I was in line to exit the airport (you have to hand them this sheet they gave you when you showed your passport), some Chinese guy kept on elbowing me, and saying angry things I couldn't understand o.O;. Sorry buddy, when the line's 10 people deep, I don't think you bossing around girls is going to make the situation any better.

And then, after I managed to get my ungodly amount of luggage out of the airport, I try to take this bus called the Airporter to the hotel I'm staying at, because GEOS instructed me to... but apparently there was construction on the street my hotel's on, and they couldn't drop me off at it, so I had to drop $30 on taking a taxi cab. The taxi cab driver was really nice, at least... but yeah, that's over double what the Airporter would've cost... I guess that's why I saved money, though... unexpected expenses and all...

I still don't have any Canadian money, though (I've been using cards), which makes me fearful... there's quite a few beggars on the street, and I don't have any CAD to pacify anyone if need be... OH WELL.

CANADA IS PRETTY, THOUGH! I'm just super gripe'y because I think I'm catching a cold. *stuffs a kleenex up her nose and eats more cough drops* Being sick is NOT going to make my GEOS training any better >.>;;;...

Time to try and get some sleep, at least... I feel not so healthy at the moment, so hopefully that'll help... but lol, it's only 6:55pm here XD;. *zonks off to sleep anyway*
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