M (snowym) wrote,

Day 2 in Vancouver

Yuck yuck yuck, I was a sniffly snotty mess all through training today -.o;.

NOT a good situation for concentrating, but I did my best. At least we didn't have to do any lessons today... I'll be doing one for a REAL student tomorrow, though. Ahh, I'm kinda nervous >.>;. I'm used to working with college-age students, though, and apparently we're working with that age of student tomorrow, so hopefully that'll help me ^^;.

I bought some medicine at a drugstore a few blocks away (Shoppers Drug Mart, I think), which makes me OH so HAPPY <3. I'm still kinda sniffly, but I'm not as miserable... I can work on my lesson with a bit more of ease now, since I don't have to worry whether I'll snot on it or not XD;.

Me and my roommate are getting along, which is nice... she was one of the girls in my group at the original interview in Dallas, so we kinda already knew each other. She was even the one that I gave my 30 minute lesson to on the last day XD;. Now for one of her lessons, she has to teach the same lesson that I taught to her at training, which I thought was funny XD;.

Right now everyone else who's participating in training (7 people other than me) have hopped into a taxi, and are on their way to a 24-hour Kinko's XD;. They all wanted print-offs for their lesson, even though they said it was okay to make hand-written copies of all the work sheets and such. Screw that, Kinko's isn't getting my money for such things ^^;. *goes back to making her overly rainbow'y worksheets*

Okay, well I guess I'd better get back to working on my lesson... I'm trying to choke down as much water as possible, along with my shiny cold medicine pills every now and then, so hopefully I'll be in better shape by tomorrow. If not, I'll just think of it as a plus if I don't sneeze on my student XD;.

Ja ne!
Tags: byoki, geos

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