M (snowym) wrote,

time to strap on the ganbatte-boots once again

Oh thank god, I'm feeling a zillion times better today... I'm still a bit sniffly, but it's minimal. MY HEAD IS CLEAR AGAIN! IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE I'M STUCK IN A BOX! Or am I the only one that gets that feeling when I'm sick XD;?

Training was interesting today... it was my first experience giving a lesson to an actual GEOS student, and I have to say... it didn't go terrifically >.>;. OH WELL, it was definitely an interesting experience. I totally went WAY over time (I was only about 70% done with my lesson when we had to stop >.>; )... Plus, the poor girl I was teaching to, her contact popped out midway through the lesson, oh god XD;... I felt so bad, but she managed to finish the lesson with only one contact in o.O;. What a trooper. Plus she was late, so I didn't have any time to assess her English level beforehand, and so the lesson went really slow because I had to explain a lot of words I wasn't expecting to... OH WELL, THIS IS TEACHING, NE?

The fellow trainee guy that was observing my lesson was really positive about what I did, so that made me feel a bit better... like I didn't completely fuck everything up XD;. Hopefully tomorrow's lesson goes better, though...

TODAY I FOUND OUT FOR 100% CERTAIN WHERE I'M GOING TO LIVE! I will indeed be living in Yokohama, near Center Minami... woo hoo ^o^.

I thought I was going to have to teach a ton of children, but actually, I'm handling mostly college-aged students, plus quite a few adult classes. Those are the ages I'm used to tutoring, so it's a bit of a comfort for me. I'll also have to teach some children's classes, though, so I'll have to be ready to crack out the puppets on a whim XD;.

This whole job is turning out to be incredibly complex and scary and foreboding-looking, but I'm just gonna duck my head down and try to bust through it like always. Hopefully it'll get easier with the passage of time... for now, I'll just try not to cry at work from being overwhelmed XD;.

NOW TO PLAN ANOTHER LESSON! Tomorrow is Teaching Another GEOS Student: TAKE 2! Brain, don't let me down now! *tries not to fall asleep from exhaustion XD;*

P.S.- I LOVE YOU ALL, BTW! Thank you all for cheering me on so much, and wishing me well ;-;. I want to do really well to impress everyone, so just you wait! I'll be a teaching rock star in no time! Or at least hopefully a sufficient one! *gets her ganbatte on*
Tags: byoki, geos, life, work

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