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Holy crap o.O;. I'm about to crash, and bad. I'm not quite sure if I'm talking legibly, but I felt like posting, even though I'm about to sleep where I sit. I spent the evening at Stallion's dorm, where we drank coffee (vile, vile substance, but is such a great energy source o.O;) and watched movies with various people. We watched Soul Plane and White Chicks, which are both quite scary. They are the type of movies that are much more fun to watch with friends. Anyway, I'm gradually using up the last of the energy the bitter coffee and expresso gave me, so I shall probably collapse soon -.-. I don't want to make a habit of drinking coffee, but it gives me ENERGY. I might have to drink some before my 8am classes, because my sleeping habits are wreaking havoc on my body. My dream would be to take all night classes, and sleep during the day, but alas, that is not possible (at least at this university). I am convinced I am a nocturnal creature. I shall go now, and possibly drink some tea. I don't want to sleep yet, for some reason my brain is not telling me. *wanders off babbling*

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