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Last night I felt like the most pathetic, worthless hunk of human being ever to fall from a womb. And I have no idea why. I sat down on the floor, and Noa kept asking me what was wrong, but I just scrunched up my face so I wouldn't cry in front of her. I probably looked like someone was trying to saw my arm off, because my face was twisting so hard. When she got into her bed, I flopped over onto the floor, and I tears ran down my face for about half an hour. It has been for-freaking-ever since I've cried, probably a year at the least, I'd bet. I felt like such a heel, I have no idea why I felt so hellish -.-. I mooched some benedryl off of Noa, so I could pass out and sleep. Consciousness was not an option for my (in)sanity at that moment. This has happened to me before, but it has been years. Argh! I'm so dumb, I hate it o.O;. At least I have no more tears to cry ^^.

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