M (snowym) wrote,

will post tomorrow + being drunk is good for the overworked soul (tokidoki)

Tomorrow I'll do my best to make a post about the past 2 weeks XD;... which would include my birthday, skittles's stay at my apartment, and my welcoming party at work (which I just returned from, actually).

Ahh, the party was fun <3. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda drunk at the moment XD;... Drunken karaoke with students is the best, though! It's the only way to do it! I was even brave enough to sing a Japanese song in front of 3 Japanese people, so that's saying something XDD;;;.

Okayz, off to bed with me. Oh Saturdays, I would love you if you were always followed by trips to bars and karaoke <3.

Oyasuuuuuuuu~mi <3! *weaves off to bed*
Tags: japan, parties, work
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