M (snowym) wrote,

Katie and M purikura pics!

skittles came and stayed at my apartment for... 6 days, I think? last week. Of course, we had to do purikura XD;.

This is a log of our epic purikura adventures <3. WARNING: THERE IS EPIC SPARKLY'NESS INVOLVED!

Your time in Japan is meaningless unless you do the heart pose in a purikura picture!

Katie is the biggest Super Junior fan ever, so we tried to do some SuJu moves... but I think I failed at mine XD;. *will have to study more music videos*

Neither of us were sure what the text meant, but surely it means something AMAZING.

Katie relegated herself to sparkle-pen decoration only, after she accidentally erased part of my head XDD. Yay for hearts!

We were trying to be tough in this picture, but perhaps I took it a bit too far XD;;...

M fails by falling out of the screen XD;...

Bweeeee~ ^o^V!

Yeah XD;...

Yooosh! To the future!

So saaaaaad XDDD. Best shocked whilst-being-sprayed-with-water face ever XD.

We did this for Christian Siriano XD. Life is nothing without him.

Toothiest picture ever XD.

And then my personal favorite pic! The poo on Katie's shoulder, and the tiny sexy-swimming-men with me in the tank make it perfect XD.

Purikura is the best! No one can convince me any different XD;.
Tags: lj meets life, purikura, watashi
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