M (snowym) wrote,

another episode of Epic Failure! On tomorrow morning at 11am!

Tomorrow I'll get to go on yet another scary and confusing adventure... possibly the 10,399,327,643rd one since coming to Japan XD;.

Tomorrow's episode will feature M going to the Kanagawa Ward Office to pick up her alien registration card!

Will she get lost amidst the thronging masses of people in the train stations (and just how do you get to this Higashi-Kanagawa station, anyway)? Certainly the fact that she's only been to the Kanagawa Ward Office once before won't perturb her, as she wanders around the streets for days looking for the damn office...

I told Shinobu that if I didn't show up for my class at 4pm, it means I'm dead XD;. I told her that I may or may not call her crying, so she reassured me that she would ignore the phone if I called. THAT'S TRUE FRIENDSHIP <3.

Oh Japan, why do you have to be in all Japanese? The internet led me to believe that there were floating subtitles above every sign and speech bubble!
Tags: fail, japan, work

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