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blah stuff lol blah

My scary adventure today wasn't actually that scary. In fact, it was scary how unscary it was. I didn't have any trouble with the train stations. I found the office without a hitch. And when they called my number (I only had to wait 5 minutes), I just said in bad Japanese "Here is my foreigner card's pick-up papers." Then the lady disappeared, and popped back up suddenly with my card. AND GET THIS. They didn't have me pay. I'm fairly certain I was supposed to pay 3,000 yen somewhere along the way, but even when I asked "How much?" she made the X-sign with her arms (which means NOPE!) XD;.

So yeah, sweet. I'm legal in Japan now! Don't dwell on the questionable'ness of that sentence!


So this week, all of the sudden, I have 4 extra classes to teach from now on. *slumps over* That brings me to a grand total of 29 classes a week. 9 of those on Saturday -.-;. FAIL, FAIL I SAY!!!


One of my students asked me before class today "Do you know Indian English?"
"Umm... what?" I said? "The accent?"
"Yes! Yes! Can you teach it to me?"

It was a little shocking XD;. Apparently she got a job where a lot of the English speakers in the company are from India, so she's all worried XD. I told her to just do her best to study plain English, since once you understand that, you'll eventually be able to understand any accent. I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE TRYING TO TEACH SOMEONE, WHO ALREADY HAS ONCE ACCENT, HOW TO SPEAK ANOTHER XD;. I pacified her by teaching her some English slang instead XDD.


Sweeeeeeet, Howl's Moving Castle is on TV! Love love love Howl <3. I guess I'll watch this until I pass out ^o^. Oh tomorrow, you're going to suck. *will fight to the death, if need be* I will persevere!

Oyasumi ^_^.


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Oct. 6th, 2008 03:29 am (UTC)
Yay! M-sama has pwned yet another obstacle of her long long life in Japan. ^____^

Where are they getting all these students! You must be one popular teacher. XD

English in an Indian accent? Is it like British? I had a professor who was from India and she spoke like a British person. It was awesome listening to her. ^_____^

Oct. 6th, 2008 03:55 am (UTC)
BWEE ^.^V! Hopefully I'll keep pwning... the day I don't pwn, is the day I probably die, so I'll keep going XD;.

I SUPPOSE SO! My awesome reputation must precede me, and be drawing students to the school (*pfft!*)! I guess I'll have to tone down the awesomeness <3.

By Indian accent, I think she means like a Japanese accent, where the speaker's original language makes the English less understandable, due to differences between the languages. She already has to work out so many of her own quirks between English and Japanese, so I can't even imagine trying to teach her Indian/English quirks XD;.
Oct. 10th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
I don't think it'll be that serious... M-SAMA WILL ALWAYS PWN!

I don't think you should tone it down because you're making awesome monies right?

I've... no idea what you just said. XD Whut?
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