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My scary adventure today wasn't actually that scary. In fact, it was scary how unscary it was. I didn't have any trouble with the train stations. I found the office without a hitch. And when they called my number (I only had to wait 5 minutes), I just said in bad Japanese "Here is my foreigner card's pick-up papers." Then the lady disappeared, and popped back up suddenly with my card. AND GET THIS. They didn't have me pay. I'm fairly certain I was supposed to pay 3,000 yen somewhere along the way, but even when I asked "How much?" she made the X-sign with her arms (which means NOPE!) XD;.

So yeah, sweet. I'm legal in Japan now! Don't dwell on the questionable'ness of that sentence!


So this week, all of the sudden, I have 4 extra classes to teach from now on. *slumps over* That brings me to a grand total of 29 classes a week. 9 of those on Saturday -.-;. FAIL, FAIL I SAY!!!


One of my students asked me before class today "Do you know Indian English?"
"Umm... what?" I said? "The accent?"
"Yes! Yes! Can you teach it to me?"

It was a little shocking XD;. Apparently she got a job where a lot of the English speakers in the company are from India, so she's all worried XD. I told her to just do her best to study plain English, since once you understand that, you'll eventually be able to understand any accent. I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE TRYING TO TEACH SOMEONE, WHO ALREADY HAS ONCE ACCENT, HOW TO SPEAK ANOTHER XD;. I pacified her by teaching her some English slang instead XDD.


Sweeeeeeet, Howl's Moving Castle is on TV! Love love love Howl <3. I guess I'll watch this until I pass out ^o^. Oh tomorrow, you're going to suck. *will fight to the death, if need be* I will persevere!

Oyasumi ^_^.
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