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another Saturday + next week will equal FAILURE

Another Saturday, this time around with 9 classes, instead of 8! At least I have the comfort of knowing that I can't possibly have another class on Saturday, because my Saturdays are COMPLETELY booked-up now ^^;;;;;;;;;;;. *collapses*

Next week, Shinobu will be on vacation, so after work, we went out to eat "very Japanese food!" as Shinobu put it XDD. After we gorged ourselves on super cheap, yummy food, she gave me some cheat-sheet lists of things to say in Japanese, when on the telephone and dealing with walk-in guests. I'll do my best to handle everything that comes my way next week... worst case scenario, I call my supervisor crying or something, and we all know that'll probably come at some time or another anyway XD;. HOPEFULLY NOT THIS WEEK, THOUGH!

Lol, a month into this job, and they already leave the whole place to me after a week XD;. I told Shinobu not to be surprised if the building had burned down or something when she got back XD;.
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