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Fireboys jdrama

It's not especially a secret that I think Yamada Takayuki is super fantabulous <3. I've had a hard time pinpointing exactly WHY I think he's so great, though... until now <3.

Asbestos sweatshirt ftw XD. And his coworker's facial expression cannot be overlooked! I think I made the same face, when I first realized what the shirt said XD.

And JUST SAYIN'. Greatest face ever XDD. And by greatest, I mean creepiest <3.

Fireboys isn't the greatest drama ever, but if anyone likes seeing Yamada Takayuki cry as much as I do, I recommend it! Seriously, he cries at least 2 or 3 times every episode XD.
Tags: engrish, fireboys, jdrama, zany findings
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