M (snowym) wrote,

it's common knowledge I fail a lot, and fail I did

I wasn't very happy last week, oh no ^^;.

I felt really overwhelmed at work. One thing was that I had a surprise observation during my lessons on Wednesday... I'm good at getting freaked out, and not being warned that one of my superiors would be watching my lessons prettymuch terrified me. He was a nice guy though, and gave me some good tips. I also didn't screw up too horribly because of my nerves, so I guess that turned out okay ^^;.

We're also starting Student Counseling... I have over 60 students, so the next few weeks will not be fun as I try to schedule a counseling session with each one of them. It also doesn't help that I've only known most of them for about a month (I haven't even met some of my students yet!). Shinobu keeps on saying to me "I don't know how you'll be able to counsel so many students!" and laughing, so that doesn't make me feel anymore confident >.>;.

There's several campaigns going on, also... the book-sale campaign is next week, so I'm supposed to be recommending books... I haven't had time to really look over any of the books, though. YES, I FAIL, I KNOW.

*slumps over* I'll handle it all, like always, but that doesn't stop me from stressing. Everything gets easier as time goes on, but sometimes I totally feel like I don't know what I'm doing. The teaching part of this job is super enjoyable, but god, the sales aspect bites right now. CAN SOMEONE MAGICALLY TURN ME INTO A SEASONED-GEOS-VETERAN YET?


Today, I cleaned up my apartment... I let it fall into disrepair for 2 weeks, so I'm glad I can see the floor again XD;. I also bought some groceries, because I looked in my cupboard, and all I had was half a bag of banana chips XD;. I EVEN EXPLORED KATAKURACHOU (the area I live in)... what there was to explore of it, anyway XD;. I picked a direction and started walking. I found a couple more konbinis (a Family Mart and another Lawson's). I also found another grocery store, where I invested in some grape Fanta, because I'm a whore for it XD;. Not much else was accomplished really, but relaxing days are fun ^_^.

Tomorrow I'm going to Yokohama Station! It's my pet project for tomorrow to find the Animate store, because I KNOW IT'S THERE SOMEWHERE. I don't want to have to go to Tokyo every time I'm jones'ing for something anime'y XD;. I found a map online, though, so hopefully I'll be successful.
Tags: fail, geos, japan, life, shopping, work

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