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a better day in Yokohama, yay ^.^V

My self-given mission was a success today! Yay ^.^V. I was able to find the Animate store at Yokohama Station, and my day was better for it XD.

I read on the internet that Animate is really difficult to find. It wasn't at all, though. It was about a 2 minute walk from the bank at the East exit, sheesh XD;. I spent almost 2 hours just looking around in there... I love that store, so I'm happy I can go whenever I want now, instead of waiting for my random weekend trips to Tokyo.

I actually made it out of Animate without buying anything, though! Kind of ^^;. I went back to Yokohama Station, and in a bookstore, I saw one of the magazines that was plastic-wrapped in Animate, but was not wrapped there. After flipping through the magazine, I immediately went back to Animate and bought the wrapped version XDD;. IT HAS MIURA HARUMA FANSERVICE IN IT, which I think says enough as to why I bought it XD;. There was also some pages of Tomo (Tenimyu Kaidoh <3) and several other actors I've taken to gushing over lately <3.

After going through Animate, I decided to putter around the department stores for awhile... and found a LoFT store, as well as a huge Kinokuniya (book store) and a Shinseido (music/movie store). Jackpot <3. I'm glad my self control is fairly decent at the moment, because I'm waiting on my next paycheck ^^;. I did buy a book from the English section in Kinokuniya though, because I can feel my brain failing sometimes, when I go without reading for too long XD;. I haven't read a single book since I graduated college, I think (about 4 months). Whoops XD;. I bought Wicked by Gregory Maguire, just because I've seen a bunch of advertisements for a Japanese theatrical production of it. Hopefully the book is good ^o^.

I also decided to go visit the Sky Building. On the 9th floor, there's a huge window area, where you can see the bay. It was really pretty ^_^. When I stepped into the elevator to go up to the 9th floor, though, after the doors closed I heard a BANG! into the elevator doors o.O;... I quickly hit the open button, before the elevator could take off, and some woman blew into the elevator saying GOMEN GOMEN GOMEN XD;;;. During the ride to the 9th floor, we had small talk about how the elevator was really strange XD;. It kept on getting darker and darker the higher up the elevator went o.O;. By the 9th floor, it was pitch black in there. Weird o.-.

SO YEAH, anyway, I'll officially forgive Yokohama Station now. I had a really awful time there, the first time I decided to go exploring there (due to my awesome ability to get lost for 2 hours), but I had a lot of fun today ^_^.
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