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I am, aren't I?

So it's noon on a Saturday, and I'm still in my pajamas looking grubby, and the doorbell rings.

I answer it, despite my not-so-fancy appearance, and it is one of those Kuroneko delivery guys (or whatever they're called). He gives me a letter from AU (my phone company), and hands me a paper and says "SIGN, SIGN!" Instead of signing, I say tell him to wait a moment, I'll get my hanko (a Japanese sign-stamp-thing). So I go PATAN! with my hanko on the sheet, and he looks at it for a moment and says...

"SUBARASHI!" *grin grin*

Even though I look like crap, I have a hanko, and am therefore awesome to this guy XDD. Oh Japan <3.
Tags: japan, life, lol

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