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BEGONE evil sickness! + oh work

I'm currently trying to get over my 4th cold in 8 weeks -.o;... or is it 5th? Whatever -.-;. Anyway, a bunch of my students have been sick this week, so I've caught onto the fun also. OH WELL.

I found this drink called CC1000, which has 1000mg of Vitamin C in it... I don't know if that amount is enough to actually help, but since I BELIEVE!, I'm starting to feel a bit better XD;. Although I got my first nosebleed EVER today, from blowing my nose too much, I guess. Shinobu thought I killed someone, because there were 3 or 4 bloody tissues in my trash can XDD;.

Noa's coming to visit Yokohama this weekend, so that'll be fun ^o^. Body, you better straighten yourself out! If not, I'll be wearing one of those doctor's masks that everyone in Japan is so fond of. Gaijin rockin' the face mask, it could be epic XD;. Hopefully I'll just be better from my cold, instead.

This next week is probably REALLY going to suck -.o;. It's apparently student-teacher counseling time... Ah, 59 students to counsel. If I never post again, that's probably why XD;. I'm not sure quite how I'm going to pull it off, but I've got 2 weeks left, so it's time to get to it I suppose ^^;.

TIME TO VACUUM MY APARTMENT! House guest tomorrow, yay ^o^V. Even though Noa knows I'm a slob, I'll pretend to be super neat and see if she falls for it XD. *goes off to clean*
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