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I felt oddly inspired tonight, so I actually finished something o.O;. I bring to you, moi's latest piece entitled AOL Hell, which is just a click on a thumnail away:

Hmm... Now I must ponder other things that I dislike greatly, that I can spoof. Because its fun ^^. This picture was spawned from my ginormous dislike of AOL Online overflowing my mailbox with CD's. I feel like a hippie on my first protest, I am proud ^^.

Weeeell, it is late (or early, I suppose), so I shall wander off to bed. The benedryl was a flop last night, so I guess I'll try to fall asleep the good ol' fashioned way. Yes, I'm going to stare at the dark ceiling until 4am. Isn't that how everyone sleeps ^^;?
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