M (snowym) wrote,

LJ permanent account + shopping is not my forte

Yesterday I took the big jump! When I made this post about wanting to go to bed, instead I stayed up a little longer and clicked that "buy permanent account" button.

I haven't had time to change much yet, except add a couple icons... but yeah, I guess I'll have fun trying to fill up the 195 spaces for icons... sheesh, I probably never will XD;. That's ridiculous.

*yawn* So yeah, another Saturday vanquished, and I can spend the weekend lazing about as my heart desires. I'll probably actually end up going Christmas shopping, though... yeah, I haven't really started >.>;;;;;;;. *fail* If I hurry, MAYBE some people will get some stuff actually BY Christmas, though ^^;. Or before Spring comes XDD. *double fail*
Tags: lj

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